Welcome Every-Body

I’m so glad you found your way to archetypal yoga, I’m Erin Aylmer.

I have been a hatha yoga teacher for 10 years and a student of archetypal astrology since 2018. Once I began my astrological studies, I could hear the archetypal language speaking through my yoga classes. This is how I began to develop a felt sense for the archetypes and an embodied experience of astrology. Watching the archetypes come to life in my yoga classes is how I realized that astrology is real, it’s happening here on Earth, and that it truly works as a guiding light if you participate with it.

Over the years my practice of weaving yoga and astrology has taken many turns as I owned and closed a yoga studio, traveled abroad and navigated life’s challenges with a new found awareness. I learned to take my practice off my mat and into the world and then I began to truly see how the archetypes are imbedded in all of life. I return to my mat daily for inspiration and to reconnect while remembering that the real work is relational and meant to be explored together as we navigate these very challenging times on planet Earth.

I am dedicating this site to the development of archetypal yoga practices for the 10 planets and the 45 planetary pairs so that I can share my world with you. I will be offering these practices here, and on instagram, as they become available. My hope is that I may channel the sacred language of astrology for you in a way that resonates and that integrates the celestial with the terrestrial. As above… so below…

If you feel inspired to receive an archetypal astrology reading or a personalized archetypal yoga practice, please reach out. All of my offerings are trauma-sensitive and I hope you’ll find my world to be a safe place for you to explore your own.


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